Karol Radziszewski 2016

Hi, I'm Karol Radziszewski, Java EE developer and hardware maniac. It's nice that You had some time to visit!

Currently I'm workingas a Java/Hybris developer at Intive, Wroclaw, Poland

Java EE, Spring and backend technologies - databases, queues - Spring Boot/MVC/Security/JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, JMS, ActiveMQ, WMQ, AMQP, RabbitMQ, SAP Hybris

CI and build tools - Maven, Linux/Bash, Jenkins, TeamCity, FishEye, SVN, Git and others.

Frontend technologies - JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, React, CSS, Semantic UI, Less, GULP and others

Other interesting things like embedded hardware and software development, MSP430, STM32, XMega, ARM, other languages like C/C++, C# ,PHP, Python, '51/x86/MIPS ASM and Android development.

I'm also member of Intive's Software Assassination Squad - security oriented guild.

You can find me on: